Paul Ryan Gosling

I like my women like I like my cheese curds-- yellow, squeaky and distrustful of big government programs that benefit the poor and middle class.

Listen up, sweetheart…

Hey girl, people that text the word “Give” to the Obama campaign at 62262, thereby donating $10 to his re-election efforts, make we want to vomit. Whatever you do today, don’t do that. DO NOT DO THAT! 

Let me clarify: Whatever you might have going on today, DO NOT TAKE THE TIME TO TYPE THE LETTERS “GIVE” TO 62262. 

I know as a woman, you don’t have the capacity to fully understand how technology works, but if you TEXT THE WORD “GIVE” (no quotes) TO 62262, it will give $10 to Barack Obama and his re-election efforts. And as my lover, you don’t want to do that.

You may now return to filing your nails.

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